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Turn your job search into a golden opportunity. Discover how with our expert tips!

Happy new week, dear readers! Job hunting can be a daunting process, and it's important to show empathy towards people who are searching for jobs, not just in Nigeria, but all over the world. In fact, getting a job can be a full-time job in itself. It can be frustrating to attend interviews and not land a job, especially when you're being screened out based on your course of study, age, or grades.

Here are some tips on how to stay motivated and get the job of your dreams:

  • Networking: One of the easiest ways to get a job is to network with your contacts. Join a WhatsApp group where job information is being disseminated, and be sure to read and comply with the group's rules.

  • LinkedIn Profile: If you don't have a LinkedIn account, create one today. LinkedIn is the most popular career networking site. You can network with professionals and create an online profile with the hashtag #opentowork, making it more likely that someone will contact you with job suggestions that fit your profile.

  • Self-reliance: Many of us depend on our relations after graduation, and we have high expectations towards the people we know. However, it's important to have less expectation from people and demand more from yourself. Believe in yourself and chase your dream job.

  • Get a well-written CV/Resume: Your resume is your passport to landing a job, whether you're applying for a job in Nigeria or abroad. There are so many rules on dos and don'ts of CV, so research for a good resume writer and seek review of your CV. You can also request a CV rewrite. If you're not financially loaded, research for free CV online or do-it-yourself. Ensure you list your career objectives, skills, and educational background to sell yourself for the job.

  • Volunteering/Internship: Look for a community project around you and participate in it. If you're good at writing, type the word "intern" on Google to find unpaid and paid internship opportunities. You can volunteer to write for free, and put some of your work in your CV to bridge the gap of not being in a job. In addition, open an account with Fiverr, Upwork, Tera work, and Freelancer websites where you could land gigs and earn even in dollars!

  • Affiliate Marketing and Online Business: There are many affiliate marketing businesses online. Identify the right affiliate business from a trusted source or brand. Type the keyword "refer and earn" in search engines to get started. You can also make the right use of your smartphone by selling on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on.

  • Content Creation: There is no limit to what you can do as a graduate. There are so many possibilities for you after your NYSC. You can start a baking business and share it online. You can pick up a career in counseling people going through life challenges, talk about sports, event planning, photography, and the list goes on. All you need to get started is your internet-enabled device, such as your smartphone and data subscription.

Remember to share this with your connections online, and speak up when you need help. Don't keep to yourself. The job hunting phase will pass, and you will succeed. If you know anyone who is facing a tough time seeking a job, share job vacancies with them.



Consulting is described as the practice of providing a third party with expertise on a subject in exchange for a fee. Advisory or implementation services may be provided as part of the service. Taking an independent and unbiased stance on an issue is critical to the consultant's role. In theory, a consultant can work in any industry.

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