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10 Tips for a More Sustainable Lifestyle


A sustainable lifestyle is a desire of every human. Having a good lifestyle makes us happy and be the best version of ourselves.


Here are 10 Tips for a More Sustained Lifestyle:


1. Read Books. There is much in books that many are still yet to tap into. Books can make you to travel in your imagination and expose you to things that you haven't yet known. Reading Books liberate the mind. Just like they said University education educates the mind. Learn the art of reading at least 2 books in a month.


2. Exercise and wellness training. Do more daily or working out every weekend would contribute to your well-being. It gives you a sound mind and a healthy body. It is a great medication if you can give it your efforts.


3. Learn the art of meditation to keep your soul calm.


4. Network with people in your field. Look for places to network with people in your field. It could be a clubhouse, through an app, and maybe hanging out at an event.


5. Eat right. Eating good food is part of a healthy lifestyle. Learning how to cook is also a good one. Eat varieties like fish, protein, plantain, and vegetables, and endeavour to eat more fruits. Ensure they are prepared under good hygiene. Healthy food is healthy lifestyle.


6. Sleep, relax and rest. We understand that we are living in a tech time whereby notifications keep popping up on our smartphones. Sleeping becomes difficult. But here is the good news. We can limit our screen time. Reduce light on our phones and play some cool music mostly Jazz or instrumental in the background to aid our sleep.


7. Traveling. Traveling is good for the human in us. In the same way that education liberates the mind. Traveling also exposes us to world culture and lifestyle. Take time to go to the beach visit cinema and go out for adventures. Also, take or capture pictures of memories.


8. Engage yourself in storytelling. You might be wondering what storytelling is. You don't need to be a Writer to start one. Sometimes when you have something bordering on you. Putting them down on paper may ease the burden. At times, you could look for a trusted friend to hang out with and do some kind of storytelling. By so doing. You become vibrant and healthy.


9. Work on your hobbies. Don't be too serious with yourself. After work is play. Look for something that you enjoy doing and make it a play. You can create and share some content online. Play games, solve some puzzles, and so on.


10. Dress well. Personal branding is trending. When you look good, you will most likely feel good. How you dress is how people perceive you. It is part of communication. And you can apply it to business and friendship.


Thank you for reading this piece of content.



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