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What to know about essential oils for wellness.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Essential oils for wellness.

Essential oils are natural substances distilled from plants. These substances are powerful and complex with profusion of properties and fragrances according to the plants that produce them. These essential oils can be gotten from leaves, flowers, roots, barks, stems, some citrus fruits and peels.

Essential oils are therapeutic.

Essential oils are often used for therapeutic purposes in a controlled way to improve physical, mental and emotional health. These substances are ingested through absorption on the skin when already blended with carrier oils, absorption is increased when massaged. When they are applied to the skin, they are absorbed and travel through the blood stream which will then deliver a range of benefits to the system and organs. They must be diluted either by blending with carrier oils, butters, water or wax before used directly on the skin.

They can also be ingested by inhalation when added to a diffuser, candle wax or made into a mist that can be spray on the skin or even beddings which is another easy way to get all the benefits of these oils in the comfort of our home.

There are blends of essential oils that help our physical health like respiratory issues such as sinus, asthma, congestion, breathing and lung supports. Some helps relief headaches and reduce nausea. Some essential oils help increase bone healing by aiding tissue repair, reducing swelling, inflammation and pain. They warm up the affected areas, which is good considering heat help increase healing process. Also, increase blood and lymph flow in the affected area helping in nutrient supply. They are beneficial to the skin, could help in treatments of certain skin problems, heal wounds, tattoos and scars.

We can avoid breakdowns from anxiety, sadness, depression, restlessness, stress or lack of concentration by simply paying attention to our mind and body. Sometimes all we need is a relaxation bath, incorporating drops of specifically blended essential oils in botanical bath with aromatherapy candles can help us relax, relief stress, feel calm, improve sleep, improve clarity and focus or even boost our mood. This can be done in the comfort of our home.

It is important to know that;

  • Essential oils are photosensitive. When certain essential oil is used, you must not expose your skin to UV (Ultra-violent) light immediately. Photosensitivity or photo irritation is a chemically induced skin irritation that can occur when you topically apply certain essential oils and expose yourself to UV too soon.

  • Because essential oils are highly concentrated products, they must not be used directly on the skin, doing so can burn or cause irritation to the skin.

  • They must not be swallowed, even if a small amount is ingested through the mouth it can cause significant poisoning.

Self care can not be over emphasis. We owe it to ourselves to pay attention to our needs, we deserve to treat and pamper ourselves without breaking the bank. Occasional relaxation therapies such as massage therapies for our body, bath treatment for our skin and mind or keeping our space clean and welcoming with aromatherapy essentials such as candles, crystals, botanicals, diffusers for better mood and clear mind is a necessity.

We should practice mindfulness and be kind to ourselves.



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